New Zealand School Roadshow

We’ll fly a hot air balloon and implement our education programme at 30 schools throughout New Zealand from 1 March to 30 June. We’ll be reaching over 6,000 young people, and inspiring them to take up STEAM learning to create a stronger, sustainable future for themselves and their communities.


Collaboration and Research

The project will bring together education providers, businesses and government to research and promote sustainable innovation and STEAM learning. We’ll also showcase project activities and the work of sustainably innovative companies, people and community groups.


Public Engagement

We’re planning school holiday events for young people in the Taranaki region, in co-operation with Sustainable Taranaki. We’ll also participate in Balloons Over Waikato, a community event that attracts 130,000 people annually.

There will be media coverage in every region. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest news.


Education Programme

The Flying High Project’s educational programme will be aligned with the New Zealand school curriculum, which will continue throughout the school year for the 2,000 Year 5-9 students directly involved. Students will focus on finding practical and innovative sustainability solutions for themselves and their communities.


Mana Whenua Co-Operation

We acknowledge that many of the schools we’ll be visiting have a large proportion of Māori and Pasifika children. We have incorporated Mātauranga Māori into our education programme, based on the thought that ‘’In order to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from’’.

We believe it’s important to engage Mana Whenua where possible so that we can share our Kaupapa, helping to create stronger communities together.