Flying High For Kids World Balloon Project, in support of UNICEF.




The Flying High For Kids World Balloon Project is a not-for-profit, four-and-a-half year project in support of UNICEF, which started in December 2013. It is an overland hot air ballooning journey through more than 100 countries. The Flying High For Kids Team will take the UNICEF balloon to schools and UNICEF projects, with an aim of raising awareness for UNICEF’s work and encourage kids to follow their dreams. The project has the full support of UNICEF and the project team will be working closely with them throughout.

UNICEF operates in almost every country, at all levels, from grassroots to implementing government policy. We will be working with UNICEF offices in many of the countries we go to, liaising and getting direction from them.

We have gained considerable media attention during the project and work with UNICEF offices to maximise this exposure through their existing media network. UNICEF offices guide us and provide logistical support in each participating country we travel to.

Education will be a big theme during our project. We will link schools around the world by flying or tethering the balloon at schools and exchanging communications between them, giving kids the opportunity to learn about a different way of life to their own.

Throughout the project, the Flying High For Kids Team will be witnessing UNICEF’s work first hand, and will keep track of progress being made on projects over time.

We will be blogging about our progress in the blog section of this website, so make sure to follow the journey.

The Flying High For Kids Project Aims to:

-Encourage kids to follow their dreams.
-Raise awareness about childens’ right to education.
-Promote the inclusiveness of our most vulnerable children in society, especially those with special needs.
-Bring a smile to children’s faces. A balloon will never have been seen before in a large number of places we visit, so we hope to both thrill and enthrall children.
-Raise awareness about the good work that UNICEF does.
-Inflate or fly the balloon in 100 countries, including at schools, events and UNICEF project sites.
-Promote a friendly global community by exchanging postcards between children.
-Capture a snapshot in time.We will document all that we do and release updates via Facebook, Youtube and this website’s blog. At the end of the project, we will make a collage of all the places we visit, which will give a rare opportunity to see a large number of cultures and give insight into the world we live in now.


The project was launched on the 9th of December, 2013 and will last for around four years.

No project like this has ever been done before!